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Welcome to the Ninja IT Blog

Welcome to our new website!

We have listened to our clients’ requests and rebuilt our website to make it easier for both our current clients and future clients to find exactly what they are looking for.

Our existing clients want our phone number to be prominently placed on the home page because when they call us they know they will receive prompt, expert servicing. Many of their issues will be resolved during the initial phone call. The fact that the Ninja Technicians will visit on site 9am-9pm 7 days a week provides the peace of mind that all cafe and restaurant owners desire, in case the issue requires a hands-on resolution.

Our clients also want an easy way to order paper rolls and ribbons 24 hours/7 days so we have launched an online shop. This enables them to order what they want when they want, instead of waiting for daytime to place the order. We provide a next day delivery service to metropolitan Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane areas.

Future clients want to know they can trust Ninja IT before making us responsible for the maintenance and servicing of their important POS systems. By reading about our Directors working background they will see how we have been shaped into customer service professionals and experts in POS and other IT systems.

Potential clients also want to see examples of what types of businesses utilise Ninja IT services. This gives them peace of mind when they see that many hospitality industry leaders are long time clients of Ninja IT.

Look around and tell us what you think of the changes. Feel free to suggest changes you would like to see on here, or future topics that I can write about by emailing info@ninjait.com.au.

– Luke Cellier

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